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    Saturday, September 12, 2009


    You ever make a split decision w/o thinking all the way through?  We all do it and sometimes it actually works out for the better.  Everything turns out a-ok. Then there's that time when you do make a decision and you have a Homer Simpson moment and your slappin yo forehead goin "D'OH!" b/c you should have thought  about it before you acted upon your situation.

    I had one of those moments today.  I swear with everything in me, if I had the chance to take it back I would in a HEARTBEAT! I've been felling like sh*t in a handbag all damn day! I can't really get all the way mad at myself b/c I dropped the ball.  I should have just took the time out to think and I would not be feeling this way at all.  Now I'm sitting here worried b/c my actions may have messed up some shit in my life that's positive and may turn into another negative that I really don't need right about now. 

    The funny thing about it is, I wasn't even trying to be stupid, it just happened and I wasn't NOT expecting it.  It was just like "BAM" here it is......what chu' gon' boo? Now after the sh*t popped off....it's just silence.  Silence at times can be a good thing.  I have 3 kids, so I appreciate the silence I do actually receive whether they're in school or asleep.  However, when it's from someone you TRULY give a damn about, silence can kill you especially when it wasn't intentional.  I guess it's out of my hands, I just hope that everything comes together and I pray that all shall be forgiven.  Can I blame them for not forgiving? Not at all.....just hope that it doesn't come to that.

    Anywho, just had to get that off my mind and heart. Deuces.

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    1. Well I hope er'thang works out dumpling!