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    Friday, September 11, 2009


    I wrote this poem about a year ago.  To me it was just a random poem that didn't have no one is mind.  However, when I was reading over this poem, I started thinking about "someone" I've been close with for a while...*giggles* Yeah....at times I STILL get nervous around him.

    As the Luther played in the background
    And the fireplace flickered and crackled,
    I slowly sip the champagne I set
    aside for us, and let it chill over ice.
    I sit alone and wait patiently your arrival
    I suddenly feel petrified
    This night has been planned for days
    and weeks on end,
    We've talked and discussed
    this meeting before, and yet
    I am still petrified
    Why am I so damn scared?
    Hell, I don't know.
    I'm fly as hell in this La Perla lingere!
    My make-up is light but sudective,
    And my hair is slightly curled.
    Oh, and please believe I hit up
    Bath and Body works earlier today,
    and a sista is smellin just right.
    But yet inside I still feel petrified.
    I can't fight the butterflies in my stomach,
    The sweatiness in my palms,
    and the nervous tapping of my foot.
    I'm anxious to see what
    this "person" is all about.
    Hell, I've dreamed about it
    for almost 2 years now
    Why should I be bothered about it?
    Why am I so damn petrified?
    I know why, it's basically placed
    in front of me in black and white.
    I am indeed intimidated and he knows it!
    I've never been with a man of his caliber
    and the thought of us finally becoming closer,
    it leaves me totally petrified.
    What if I'm not all the he thought I was?
    What if my body turns him sour and cold?
    Will he enjoy me and actions?
    What if he thinks I'm not a good lover?
    Will he call after it's done and over?
    These multiple thoughts that are
    running through my head
    Is what leaves me petrified.
    There's a knock at my door.
    Shit!  It's him!
    There's no turning back now,
    So let the games begin.
    Maybe it'll be worth it.
    He just might fall in love with me.
    Like I said, all I can do is just
    Test the waters and see
    If he still leaves me
    Written by Vanessa R. Williams ©

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